How Today's Best Junior Point are Calculated for 2010 - ALL BREED

TOP 30 All Breed

(Qualifying dates: January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010)

TOP 30 All Breed lists the Top 30 Overall Juniors competing in Novice and Open Classes (Senior, Intermediate and Junior) at all AKC shows (including Independent Specialties).. Statistics are compiled using every win and 2nd thru 4th placements, including Best Junior points. Competition need not be present in the class, if the junior wins Best Junior Handler for points to be awarded. One (1) point is awarded for every competitor defeated. Statistics are given by Total Defeated, All-Breed/Best Junior wins, and the number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placements.  Limited/Invitational Junior Showmanship Competitions are not included in 2010 statistics*